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Interprint ramps up its business with the Midmarket Print Suite

Discover how ePS revolutionized Interprints operations, allowing it to run x4 - 5 times faster.


“Our biggest challenge was maintaining customer service levels and keeping costs in control. It's essential to have the right software to help us do that. The Midmarket Print Suite makes a fantastic difference to us, and we are running four to five times faster than ever before.”

Andrew Banyard,
Interprint, General Manager

About the company

Interprint is one of the UK’s most diverse print companies. Independently owned and with over 30 years’ of experience within the print industry, Interprint has a well-deserved reputation for supplying consistently high-quality lithographic, digital, and large format print, as well as supplying a diverse range of bespoke promotional products to clients' deadlines.

The business has developed rapidly over the last 30+ years and with investments in the latest printing technologies we can manufacture all print in-house. 

The challenge

As Interprint's business grew, their previous MIS was no longer working for them, which led them to upgrade to Midmarket Print Suite.

Interprint was looking to maintain customer service levels and keep costs in control and needed to have the right software to do that.

Key requirements
glasses-round Icon - eProductivity Software Cost visibility
arrow-rotate-right Icon - eProductivity Software Futureproof investment
trophy-star Icon - eProductivity Software Customer satisfaction

Simple workflow

“The whole system is really easy to use for everyone,” says Courtney Brock, web-to-print development manager at Interprint. “Customers find it easy to place orders; we find it easy to process those orders through production; and accounts find it easy to invoice those orders.”

The Midmarket Print Suite allows Interprint to create Pace jobs from customers’ MarketDirect Storefront’s e-commerce platform online orders automatically. From there, Interprint’s customised electronic job jacket provides real-time job information throughout the production workflow. 

Using costing information from ePS Pace’s data collection, an invoice is created and sent to the customer. “The Midmarket Print Suite has been a complete game changer for us,” says Brock. “The feedback I have received from our customers is that they really love it; they love the storefront, and how easy and quick it is for them to place an order and print. It saves time both on the customer front and on our side as well, which allows us to work on the relationship more.”

From one system to another

Prior to the Midmarket Print Suite, Interprint was using their previous MIS. “It became apparent our previous MIS did not cover all areas of the business,” says Andrew Banyard.

“Our previous MIS was really good for litho and digital work but not as good for large format,” adds Brock. The implementation of the Midmarket Print Suite was “really easy and seamless,” says Brock.

“The key benefit was its low cost of entry. Also, our account manager from eProductivity Software was with us all the way. For that reason, we were up and running in no time. We saw benefits from the changeover straightaway.”

New business

A primary focus of the Midmarket Print Suite is the generation of new revenue from both existing and new clients. This focus is realised with everything from online ordering to improved communication and relationship management, to high-response cross media campaigns and in-house fulfilment capabilities.

“The Midmarket Print Suite had a massive impact on our business; it has given us new avenues, new opportunities, and is really the biggest thing to have happened to Interprint in the last five years,”
says Banyard

Midmarket Print Suite

The ePS Midmarket Print Suite is a proven, best-in-class browser-based print MIS solution exclusively designed to help fuel long-term growth and performance through certified end-to-end workflows for the commercial print and display graphics industries. 

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“…it has given us new avenues, new opportunities, and is really the biggest thing to have happened to Interprint in the last five years.”

Andrew Banyard,
Interprint, General Manager