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The Sourcing Group

Revolutionary customer engagement, streamlined processes & significant growth opportunities

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In this case study, we explore how The Sourcing Group (TSG), an enterprise strategy provider based in New York City, successfully addressed the challenge of consolidating print and promotional item purchasing for numerous clinics and hospitals into a single, efficient eCommerce platform. By implementing ePS MarketDirect StoreFront™, TSG revolutionized its customer engagement, enabling streamlined processes and significant growth opportunities


"The Sourcing Group is a hybrid of all those elements driven by technology integration. MarketDirect StoreFront™ has been a game-changer, giving us unlimited capabilities to expand our suite of services."

Billy Caan,
Founder/CEO of The Sourcing Group

About the company

Founded in 2005 by Billy Caan and Dennis Clemente, The Sourcing Group is a leader in enterprise strategy solutions. The company leverages advanced technology to manage the entire business process of creating, sourcing, manufacturing, distributing, warehousing, and financial accounting for its clients in the healthcare, insurance, financial, and restaurant industries.

The challenge

The Sourcing Group faced the complex challenge of consolidating print and promotional item purchasing for a vast number of clinics and hospitals into a unified eCommerce platform. The need for a centralized system arose from a new customer - a large healthcare provider with multiple facilities and thousands of employees.

Key requirements
circle-check Icon - eProductivity Software Streamlined Purchasing
circle-check Icon - eProductivity Software Cost Savings
circle-check Icon - eProductivity Software Enhanced Engagement

The solution

To tackle the challenge of consolidating print and promotional item purchasing for numerous clinics and hospitals, The Sourcing Group (TSG) embraced ePS' cutting-edge web-to-print/eCommerce software. This powerful solution provided the following key benefits:

Streamlined Procurement

ePS MarketDirect StoreFront enabled TSG to create a centralized, user-friendly eCommerce platform. By bringing together hundreds of clinics and hospitals onto a single integrated system, the procurement process was streamlined, allowing for quick and efficient ordering of print and promotional items.

Customized Branding and Personalization

The MarketDirect StoreFront platform offered TSG's clients the flexibility to customize their online stores with branded templates and personalized content. This feature ensured consistent branding across various regions while enhancing the overall customer experience.

Seamless End-to-End Integration

By integrating with ePS MIS/ERP workflow systems, the MarketDirect StoreFront platform facilitated seamless end-to-end business integration. This allowed for real-time tracking of orders, inventory management, and accounting functions, providing TSG and its clients with valuable insights into their operations.

MarketDirect StoreFront™

Combines eProductivity Software’s legendary eCommerce, marketing, fulfillment, and personalization tools into one powerful platform.

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With the adoption of ePS MarketDirect StoreFront, The Sourcing Group successfully transformed its print and promotional item procurement process, empowering clinics and hospitals with a unified and efficient eCommerce solution. This comprehensive platform not only streamlined operations but also offered unmatched branding capabilities and enhanced customer engagement, driving the company toward continued growth and success.

The result

The implementation of ePS MarketDirect StoreFront resulted in significant gains for The Sourcing Group. They successfully consolidated print and promotional item purchasing for their healthcare client, leading to substantial cost savings, streamlined sourcing, and improved price consistency. As a result, the healthcare provider reduced overhead costs by closing nine in-house print shop locations. The successful experience with the web-to-print platform paved the way for TSG to expand its offerings with ePS MarketDirect Cross Media (XM), further enhancing their capabilities and future growth prospects.

  • Streamlined Purchasing

    Centralized eCommerce platform simplified print and promo item purchasing across hundreds of clinics and hospitals.

  • Cost-Savings

    The integration of ePS MarketDirect StoreFront resulted in significant cost reductions and operational efficiencies.

  • Improved Brand Control

    MarketDirect StoreFront allowed for tighter brand and asset control ensuring consistent branding across various regions. 

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement

    The intuitive user experience of MarketDirect empowered TSG clients to engage their customers effectively. 

  • Scaleability and Growth

    With ePS technology, TSG expanded its suite of services, leading to continuous growth and new business opportunities. 

  • Efficient Cross Media Campaigns

    The addition of MarketDirect Cross Media enabled personalized and effective customer communication across multiple mediums, strengthening TSG’s marketing capabilities. 


“We took multiple facilities and put them on one network. We now can give our client the price, service, and transparency they need, and we can hold prices consistently across various regions. We can also document and show them the savings."

Bill Ellis,
Vice President of Health Care Services for TSG