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The John Roberts Company

Achieving Operational Excellence with ePS Enterprise Commercial Print Suite

Discover the transformative impact of strategically implementing the ePS Enterprise Commercial Print Suite at The John Roberts Company, leading to operational excellence, heightened visibility, and increased operational efficiency.

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"The end game is communication. The software solutions that ePS has put together allow us to tell our customers exactly what is going on, which is critical. Our visibility and our truth are the most important things."

Kyle Kennedy, Director Enterprise Solutions,
The John Roberts Company

About the company

The John Roberts Company is a high-quality printer, offering a diverse range of print and digital creative solutions, primarily in the health care and financial sectors.

Their expertise extends to innovative options, including dynamic pop-up formats, tactile soft-touch coatings, and the integration of distinctive die-cuts. Specializing in exceptional paper types, advanced bindery techniques, and eco-friendly packaging designs, the company is dedicated to delivering high-quality services.

The challenge

Managing over 75 machines requires comprehensive tracking of each unit's activities. The John Roberts Company sought an integrated solution encompassing scheduling, estimating, shipping, and shop floor data collection. Their objective was to provide customers with both information and exceptional products.

The John Roberts Company required a seamless system capable of retrieving files throughout the day, generating a continuous flow of prints, and providing real-time data feedback to ensure transparency in their operations. The partnership between The John Roberts Company and its customers is vital, with clients depending on uninterrupted press operation and timely delivery. 

Key requirements
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The solution

The collaboration between The John Roberts Company and eProductivity Software resulted in the development of a suite of software tailored to their needs. The introduction of the Enterprise Commercial Print Suite addressed their requirements for modern shipping, estimating, and scheduling solutions.

With ePS Monarch, the John Roberts Company has access to comprehensive insights into job status, allowing for real-time monitoring and proactive decision-making. ePS PrintFlow 4D revolutionizes their training processes with its user-friendly interface, enabling quick onboarding and skill development and ePS Auto-Count 4D facilitates efficient data collection from the shop floor, enhancing visibility into production processes and improving overall productivity. ePS Metrix enables them to streamline print layout and planning, optimizing resources and minimizing waste.

Additionally, ePS iQuote offers a seamless print quoting process, empowering estimators with easy-to-use tools and accurate pricing information, and an integration with ePS Process Shipper simplifies order fulfillment, ensuring smooth and timely delivery of products. Together, these ePS solutions form a robust ecosystem that enhances operational efficiency and drive business growth for The John Roberts Company.

Enterprise Commercial Print Suite

The Enterprise Commercial Print Suite streamlines operations, offers customizable solutions, and boosts productivity enabling printers to stay current with industry changes and optimize their processes.

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The result

The John Roberts Company has achieved operational excellence, significantly heightened visibility, and facilitated growth since implementing the Enterprise Commercial Print Suite. Monarch integrated into their operations, provides real-time

insights into job progress on the shop floor, allowing for increased flexibility and creativity.

The modern, user-friendly software has not only enhanced efficiency but also provided a clear and intuitive interface, making data easily accessible and actionable for informed decision-making. Training new employees is simplified with PrintFlow, thanks to its modern and straightforward usability. The UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) make it easy for staff to adapt to the software.

The success of iQuote is evident in the accuracy achieved through its rules-based approach and web-based accessibility, enabling all employees within the company to access and use the platform effectively. It has enabled The John Roberts Company to stay agile and allowed more individuals, not just estimators, to turn out estimates, resulting in significantly reduced turnaround times.

By prioritizing efficiency, The John Roberts Company has streamlined processes and achieved success through informed decision-making with data. Integration of ePS solutions with third-party systems via Application Programming Interface (APIs) ensured seamless data flow into the ERP system, facilitating effortless job execution. The Enterprise Commercial Print Suite allows the organization to seamlessly handle multiple functions within a unified system, contributing to enhanced productivity and operational excellence.

  • Visibility

    Enhanced visibility and reduced administrative overhead.

  • Accuracy

    Accurate, up-to-the-minute production data facilitates informed strategic business decisions.

  • Efficiency

    Optimized workflow and operations.

  • All-in-one solution

    Highly personalized, automated, multi-channel system provides real-time response and analysis.


“We're excited about our future with ePS for various reasons. They are making a huge effort to modernize the Enterprise Commercial Print Suite and that is important for just moving the software forward in the right direction because we have a lot of users, they have a lot of needs, and ePS are continuing to hit those marks.”

Kyle Kennedy, Director Enterprise Solutions,
The John Roberts Company