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Gilson Graphics

Revolutionized digital print fulfilment operations

Discover how Gilson Graphics, a full-service integrated marketing solutions provider, revolutionized its digital print fulfillment operations with the powerful ePS PrintStream/Pace workflow. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and seamless integration, Gilson Graphics achieved remarkable efficiency and accuracy, transforming its print-on-demand capabilities.

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“PrintStream and Pace allow us to plan and operate our fulfillment programs as efficiently as possible — with little administrative overhead. As a result, we were able to eliminate printed inventories completely for one of our major clients by moving them to print-on-demand fulfillment.”

Sally Gilbert,
Project Manager, Gilson Graphics

About the company

Gilson Graphics is a full-service provider of integrated marketing solutions, committed to doing great work at a competitive price while delivering results that are beyond expectations. The company assists customers with marketing strategy, branding, design, and development of various collateral materials, signage, and marketing programs. Gilson Graphics offers digital/web-based delivery, state-of-the-art digital printing, and traditional sheetfed offset printing with complete finishing capabilities.

The challenge

After acquiring the high-end, cut-steel digital inject press J Press 720S from Fuji, Gilson Graphics faced the challenge of leveraging the print-on-demand capabilities to their fullest potential. Integrating print production and fulfillment smoothly became crucial to offer dynamic printing options and efficiently manage increasing demand.

Key requirements
circle-check Icon - eProductivity Software Eliminate Printed Inventories
circle-check Icon - eProductivity Software Streamline Workflows
circle-check Icon - eProductivity Software Improve Print-On-Demand

The solution

As their long-term and trusted partner, eProductivity Software had worked closely with Gilson Graphics to create a comprehensive and integrated workflow platform that would optimize their entire operation. To achieve this, they combined the powerful ePS Pace® MIS solution with cutting-edge technologies from several other third-party vendors.

Seamless Integration of ePS Pace® MIS Solution

Gilson Graphics chose the ePS Pace® MIS solution as the foundation for their workflows. The seamless integration of ePS Pace® with their legacy systems allowed for a smooth and efficient implementation process. It enabled Gilson Graphics to gain real-time visibility into their production, shipping, and accounting data, empowering their Company Controller, Jim Vosburgh, to manage the financials effectively.

Integration of ePS PrintStream® Software

One of the key components of the integrated workflow was the implementation of ePS PrintStream® software. This sophisticated fulfillment solution played a crucial role in optimizing Gilson's print-on-demand capabilities. By efficiently managing pick-and-pack fulfillment, print-on-demand, and customized products produced on their digital presses, ePS PrintStream® streamlined their fulfillment processes.

Integration of Metrix® Impositioning Software

Gilson Graphics also integrated ePS' proprietary Metrix® impositioning software into their workflow. Metrix® is recognized as the benchmark in the print industry for impositioning solutions. By incorporating Metrix®, Gilson Graphics gained greater control and efficiency in planning and layout for print production, reducing waste and optimizing material usage.

Integration of Process Shipper® Software:

The enterprise-wide solution created for Gilson Graphics also included the integration of Process Shipper®, ePS' powerful shipping management software. Process Shipper® played a pivotal role in automating shipping processes, ensuring seamless communication between fulfillment, print production, and shipping departments. This automation minimized manual efforts and reduced the chances of errors during the shipping process.

PrintStream Fulfillment

Eneterprise class inventory and warehouse management software for Commercial Printers, Sign & Display, Mailing Houses and Fulfillment Centers.


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Overall, the combined power of ePS Pace®, PrintStream®, Metrix®, and Process Shipper® allowed Gilson Graphics to create a cohesive and highly efficient workflow platform that extended from order management to print production and fulfillment.

By working with eProductivity Software and leveraging their suite of productivity solutions, Gilson Graphics optimized their print-on-demand operations, allowing them to respond promptly to customer demands and offer customized and dynamic printing options. The integrated workflow provided Gilson Graphics with a significant competitive advantage in the market, helping them stay ahead of the rapid analog-to-digital transition in the print industry.

As a result of this strategic implementation, Gilson Graphics improved overall productivity, reduced administrative overhead, and maintained a high level of accuracy in their print-on-demand services. This integration not only met the challenge posed by their digital capabilities but also positioned Gilson Graphics as a world-class provider of integrated marketing solutions. The continuous improvement commitment from eProductivity Software further ensures that Gilson Graphics can sustain its efficiency and profitability into the future.

  • Fulfillment

    Elimination of printed inventories through efficient print-on-demand fulfillment.

  • Streamlined

    Streamlined workflows and production processes for increased efficiency.

  • Integration

    Seamless integration of ePS Pace®, PrintStream®, Metrix®, and Process Shipper®.

  • Workflow

    Better print-on-demand workflow for customized products.

  • Accuracy

    Enhanced accuracy and reduced administrative overhead.

  • Campaigns

    Competitive edge with timely and focused materials for customer campaigns.

The result

With the ePS PrintStream/Pace integration, Gilson Graphics transitioned to low-inventory, print-on-demand collateral production successfully. They reduced the time needed to manage each order dramatically, making even the smallest orders, such as business cards, easier to produce and more profitable. The seamless integration allowed Gilson to maintain a competitive edge, supporting customer campaigns with guaranteed delivery dates.


"We run at 99.1 or 99.2 percent accuracy"

Jeff Palmitier,
Executive Vice President Gilson Graphics