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The Bernard Group

Super Wide-Format Print MIS/ERP Transforms Operations at The Bernard Group

Discover how The Bernard Group (TBG) leverages ePS Pace and the Midmarket Print Suite to accelerate their growth in the printing industry.

Print ePS - The Bernard Group


“As the Bernard Group grew, we knew we needed to retire our home-grown ticketing and order system and implement a real ERP. We also knew TBG was unique and needed a system we could customize, scale, and integrate. We examined every print-focused ERP on the market. Pace was the only system that fit the bill.”

Martin Diers, CIO, The Bernard Group

Print ePS - The Bernard Group

About The Bernard Group

In business for over 25 years, The Bernard Group specializes in design, engineering, print, manufacturing and software solutions. They serve the most succesful brands in the world as a visual merchandiser and champion of their customer experience in the physical space. They take on complex challenges and strive to make them easy through world-class customer service and software automation. 

Their cutting-edge production capabilities include large-format printing, small-format printing, acrylic fabrication, millwork, a development laboratory and an industry-best design agency. The company’s speed, agility, and customer-centric nature are key contributors to the steep growth curve they experienced over a short period of time.

The challenge

The senior management at The Bernard Group challenged a handful of technology experts to look at how they could add a system to help scale. Initially, they were heavy users of QuickBooks for finance, along with a homegrown job ticketing system. 

Key benefits
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The Bernard Group wanted an MIS/ERP system that was focused on print that would allow them to use it out-of-the-box. They were in the market for a system that would allow them to customize the software to their needs. A full robust system that would go all the way from estimating through to converting and into order entry as well as being able to see the metrics for all these processes.

The Bernard Group identified that there was a data gap in their process—from order placement to shipping. Their previous scheduling solution lacked visibility from start to finish, resulting in process gaps. They sought an MIS/ERP that could autonomously manage complex, one-off jobs, making tasks easier for employees without requiring expertise in every sector. 

The solution

The Bernard Group initially utilized Pace as an API (Application Programming Interface) to integrate their in-house systems. As they aimed to streamline customizations and prioritize essential features, they recognized the potential for faster growth with Pace.

Their exploration extended to other aspects of the Midmarket Print Suite - ePS PrintFlow for a comprehensive scheduling overview and ePS Process Shipper to streamline and automate shipping processes. They aimed to move beyond depending solely on resources in a complex manufacturing environment. Instead, they sought to enhance automation, emphasizing an MIS/ERP that thinks independently and guides processes.

Midmarket Print Suite

The ePS Midmarket Print Suite effectively tackles industry challenges, effortlessly managing shortages, cost fluctuations, and evolving customer needs. Streamline operations, expedite response times, and elevate service quality.

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The result

The Bernard Group has experienced significant growth and enhanced operational efficiency since adopting Midmarket Print Suite. Pace enables them to handle unique and complex projects effortlessly, streamlining tasks like estimates versus actuals compared to their old system.

Process Shipper and PrintFlow assist The Bernard Group not only in tracking shop activities but also in managing interactions with vendors. By offering a comprehensive end-to-end view of scheduling, the solutions enable them to track shipments, allowing for improved production planning and increased efficiency.

The integration of these solutions into one system marks a new era of comprehensive management and streamlined efficiency for The Bernard Group. The Midmarket Print Suite allows employees to seamlessly handle multiple functions within a unified system, contributing to enhanced productivity.

  • Data Gathering

    Remarkable growth due to data-driven decisions

  • Integration

    Seamless integration between ePS Pace, ePS PrintFlow, and ePS Process Shipper

  • Tracking

    Detailed real-time production tracking

  • Efficiency

    Smooth processes and reduced workloads for employees


“ePS have done a phenomenal job in keeping a system customizable enough so that we're not just running a print shop. We can run scheduling in mill work that lines up with manufacturing happening across the street in a small format environment. It’s a solution that shows everything that's going on and then to top it all off the opportunity to optimize.”

Buddy Kramber, VP of Operations, The Bernard Group