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Conway Copies Inc.

Conway Copies Inc. harness Print ePS technology solutions for growth and efficiency

Discover how Conway Copies Inc. has significantly boosted operational efficiency by integrating ePS PrintSmith Vision with QuickBooks. By implementing this integration, the company has transformed their financial and operational management, enabling them to focus more on customer service and less on backend paperwork.

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"PrintSmith Vision's integration with QuickBooks has revolutionized how we manage our finances in relation to our printing services. It has allowed our team to handle estimates and financial management more efficiently, reducing bottlenecks and empowering our employees"

Karen Lamb, Co-Owner,
Conway Copies Inc.

About the company

As a longstanding pillar in Conway, Arkansas, Conway Copies Inc has carved out a reputation for excellence in the local printing industry, delivering a broad spectrum of services from bookbinding and label printing to creating vibrant flyers, signs, and more.

Since opening their doors in January 2000, Conway Copies’ commitment to innovation has kept them ahead of the technology curve, enabling them to deliver first-class customer service and making them the preferred printing service in Arkansas.

The challenge

Conway Copies Inc. faced significant operational inefficiencies due to the lack of integration between their management information systems (MIS) and their accounting software, QuickBooks.

This disconnection resulted in considerable time wasted on manual data entries and difficulties in reconciling financial data with their printing operations for their accounting tasks.

Key requirements
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arrow-pointer Icon - eProductivity Software Reduce manual data entry
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Navigating the challenges of a family-operated business

As small business owners, Karen and Greg Lamb are deeply involved in every facet of Conway Copies’ operations. This hands-on approach has been instrumental in the company's success but has also presented challenges, especially when it comes to balancing work and family life. "Running a business as intricately as we do, while trying to spend quality time with our family has always been a challenge," explains Karen Lamb, Co-Owner, who prefers the freedom of working remotely, underscoring the need for more flexible business management solutions.

Facing modern challenges with time-honored expertise

Prior to adopting new technology, Conway Copies faced significant operational challenges, particularly in integrating their diverse services with effective management information systems (MIS). Conway Copies needed an MIS solution that could integrate with QuickBooks to streamline their accounting tasks.  “Not having the integration led to considerable inefficiencies in reconciling financial data with our printing operations," explains Karen. This lack of integration resulted in wasted time and resources, hindering their ability to scale effectively and meet customer demands swiftly.

The solution

The search for a solution that could streamline our operations and reduce manual data entry led us to ePS PrintSmith Vision. The integration capabilities of PrintSmith Vision with QuickBooks presented a turning point. "Implementing PrintSmith Vision and transitioning to QuickBooks Online simultaneously seemed daunting initially, but it was a necessary move to enhance our operational efficiency," Karen remarks.

Seamless integration with ePS PrintSmith Vision and QuickBooks

The integration of ePS PrintSmith Vision with QuickBooks has been a game-changer for Conway Copies Inc. This powerful combination addressed their critical need for an MIS solution that could seamlessly connect our financial management with operational workflows. "The decision to implement PrintSmith Vision alongside our shift to QuickBooks Online was driven by our need for efficiency and integration. It seemed daunting at first but proved to be the key to more streamlined operations," Karen notes.

This new system has enabled a more fluid management of projects, from pricing and production to financial oversight, all within a unified platform. "PrintSmith Vision has drastically cut down the manual data handling, allowing us and our employees to focus more on what we do best serving our customers," Karen adds.

The result

The new system enabled a seamless flow of information between our production floor and financial management. "The integration has significantly reduced the time spent on manual entries, allowing us to focus more on customer service and less on backend paperwork. It has empowered our employees to manage estimates and financials more effectively, reducing bottlenecks and improving overall workflow," Karen said.

Enhancing work-life balance

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of this integration has been the impact on the family’s personal lives. The flexibility of managing business operations remotely has allowed them more time to spend with family and the freedom to run their business from the road. “Being able to manage the business efficiently from anywhere has not just improved our operations but has truly enhanced our quality of life. It means we can attend our grandchildren's events or take a family trip while remaining responsive and available to our wonderful customers" Karen reflects.

Looking to the future

As Conway Copies continues to innovate and adapt, the integration of PrintSmith Vision and QuickBooks ensures that they remain at the cutting edge of the printing industry while also honoring their commitment to family and community. "We are excited about the future efficiencies we'll gain as we grow more accustomed to these systems, ensuring that Conway Copies Inc. remains a pilar of the community at the forefront of the latest technology" concludes Karen.

  • Improved workflow

    Overall workflow improved due to the seamless flow of information.

  • Enhanced efficiency

    Enhanced operational efficiency with manual data handling drastically reduced.

  • Access from anywhere

    A web-based solution that allows them to access data anywhere and anytime.

PrintSmith® Vision

PrintSmith® Vision is our cost-effective print shop management software solution. It empowers businesses such as quick printers, digital print shops, sign and display businesses, and franchise printers to take full control of their operations - streamlining workflows and boosting profitability.

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"This integration has not just improved our operational capabilities but has also given us a renewed ability to manage our business remotely. This flexibility is invaluable, especially as we look towards planning for the future while maintaining the legacy of our family-owned business."

Karen Lamb, Co-Owner,
Conway Copies Inc.